Grain Belt Riverfront Redevelopment Plan

Elevating an Historic Riverfront Neighborhood

The City of Minneapolis issued an RFP for the Grain Belt Riverfront Redevelopment in late 2017. The concept design for the Grain Belt Riverfront Redevelopment submitted by partners Lander Group, Landon Group, and Newport Partners was selected in Summer 2018.

This website was created to provide a brief background and enable interested parties to stay in touch as we work with the City on next steps.

Historical Context

The Sheridan Neighborhood and Northeast Minneapolis – Since its construction, the Grain Belt Brewery and surrounding residential
neighborhood have enjoyed a tightly-woven relationship with one another. However, as suburbanization and a changing industrial market dramatically impacted the neighborhood, Sheridan has been in the process of reestablishing its identity and economic composition.

The physical and economic configurations of the neighborhood have changed substantially over time and the neighborhood is committed to protecting its character. The biggest development has been the recent emergence of the 13th Avenue arts district, known as the Arts Avenue.

What used to be a corridor of markets, supply stores and like businesses catering to neighborhood residents became a haven for small art galleries and artist studios. Many artists were driven to the area for its accessibility, relatively safe and stable environment and high rate of vacancies as commerce favored larger, auto dependent establishments.

Implementing the Community Plan

The Grain Belt Riverfront Redevelopment Area presents an opportunity to significantly improve the Sheridan Memorial Park, add a new parkway, rebuild, landscape, and enhance the existing streets, and add new creative living and working spaces to allow this neighborhood to grow in a dynamic way and ensure an equitable and more sustainable future.
We have prepared a conceptual, preliminary holistic vision for the entire area from Marshall to the river between 13th and 14th Avenues NE. We believe our ideas and concepts are consistent with – and bring to life – the ideas embedded in the Sheridan Small Area plan and other planning efforts.

Existing Conditions

The area has amazing existing historic assets, including the Grain Belt Brewery, Bottineau Library, Northeast Bank and exciting new local businesses and employers like Sip, Bunny’s, Young Joni, and Dangerous Man.

But the area also features streets unfriendly to pedestrians, degraded public land at the river, and little green space. In short, the space between the buildings needs serious attention.

Vision and Principles

“Develop 13th Avenue NE as a unique pedestrian and bicycle-oriented business district/commercial corridor and arts district corridor that provides strong connections from the neighborhood to the future Sheridan Memorial Park and Mississippi River to the west.”  Sheridan Neighborhood Small Area Plan

Our proposal represents a vision that embraces the site’s natural assets: the Mississippi River, the area’s rich history, historic buildings, the Arts community, and distinct local identity. Additional site investigation and significant interface with the existing stakeholders, Sheridan Neighborhood Organization, Park Board, Watershed District, and City will shape the final, specific plan.

The redevelopment plan is rooted in the following principles and commitments:

Focus on public realm

Foster a neighborhood focused on a prominent, completely rebuilt and enhanced public realm, including the existing and additional public art.

A mix of uses for a mix of incomes

Living, working, recreating, shopping, eating/drinking places for all, in new and existing spaces.

A neighborhood scale and context

Northeast is a collection of neighborhoods, each with their own identity and a fierce sense of pride.

Capture the beauty and energy of the Mississippi River

The improved Sheridan Memorial Park will serve an important
neighborhood role that connects the Sheridan neighborhood to the Mississippi.

Foster connections with artists and the public

We will foster connections among artists and the public that ignite the creative spirit.

Attention to energy and environment

We will employ strategies to reduce energy use and environmental footprint to exceed current code and market requirements.

Project Partners

Project design, planning, finance, and construction will be managed through a partnership of like-minded companies dedicated to bringing the Sheridan and other small area plans to life.

Lander Group

Lander Group has been dedicated to making great places for over 35 years. We plan and build residential and mixed-use infill projects in traditional neighborhoods – livable, thriving places for people – and do this through integrated implementation that connects community values to development projects, demonstrates good design, and leads by example. We have a strong local track record and a host of local, regional and national awards recognizing our work.

Landon Group

Landon Group is a dynamic consulting firm with a breadth of services for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Landon Group knows what it takes to structure and finance successful affordable housing developments. We work with a broad spectrum of developers and real estate owners, from national for-profit housing developers looking for specialized expertise or extra capacity on a funding application, to new nonprofit developers needing full-service project management.

Newport Partners

Newport Partners has the resources and expertise to provide a full service program to develop and manage affordable and market rate multi-family projects. Newport Development entities are committed to using their development expertise and creativity to finance and build attractive and well-designed assets that stimulate economic and community prosperity.

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